How to Sell Digital Products on Amazon? (2023)

What is Amazon Digital Services?

You can order anything from Amazon, from a new garden or kitchen tool to digital products, like movies, eBooks, or music. The latter falls within the scope of Amazon Digital Services, which is subscription-based. Let’s see what these services include:

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming platform for video content like movies, TV shows, sports, live events, etc. This content can be viewed on any compatible smart device, from TV to phone.

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a dream come true for all digital bookworms. It offers unlimited access to over two million eBooks, thousands of audiobooks, and even magazine subscriptions.

Amazon Audible

Amazon Audible offers audiobooks in different languages, podcasts, audio tracks that, for example, help you sleep better, and more.

Amazon Music Unlimited

You can access over 75 million HD songs and millions of well-curated podcasts, stations, and playlists. All content is ad-free, and you can also download for offline listening at no additional cost for Amazon digital downloads.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a cloud-based storage service. It allows you to store files, photos, and videos securely. As a first-time user, you get the first 5GB for free. However, you must pay for a subscription if you need more space.

Amazon Kids+

Kids ages 3-12 can access age-appropriate premium content through books, movies, games, TV shows, and educational apps via this service.

Parents can filter out any content they aren’t comfortable with, set screen time limits, and set educational goals.

Best-Selling Digital Products on Amazon

You don’t have to worry about things like the production or import of digital products. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard to create these digital goods. The amount of required work depends entirely on what exactly you’re selling.

How to Sell Digital Products on Amazon? (1)

If you want to sell digital products onAmazon, you can choose any of these popular products:

1) eBooks and Texts

eBooks are exciting products for anyone who wants to earn something with little start-up capital. The good thing about eBooks is they are only created once and can be sold in unlimited quantities. You can upload your books to Amazon Kindle.

2) Digital Art and NFTs

In the last few months, an entirely new form of digital products has triggered real hype. Maybe you have heard of NFTs or digital art. These are digital files based on blockchain technology, meaning they only exist once. With the help of this technology, it has been possible to create non-physical unique pieces. Thus, it has opened up a new art market segment.

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Even if that sounds very tempting and lucrative, art is not a business model that sellers can scale in a plannable manner. While it is possible to make money selling NFTs, it requires the necessary artistic skill or a lot of seed capital to trade already created NFTs.

3) Music

Amazon Music has a platform called TuneCore, where you can upload and sell your music through more than 150 stores worldwide (e.g., iTunes, Google Play, etc.). You can also sell your music on streaming services such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, etc., using this platform. By creating an account on TuneCore, you can upload your music and wait to get approved by Amazon.

What Do You Need to Become a Digital Product Seller on Amazon?

The first thing you need to sell digital products on Amazon is to be part ofAmazon Merch. This is an invite-only program, meaning you must get invited by Amazon to create and upload your digital products for sale.

Other than an invite, you need to have a unique story or concept to become a successful digital content creator on Amazon. You must know enough about whatever you create to make credible content and have a lot of focus and willpower, plus adequate marketing knowledge.

Is Selling Digital Products on Amazon Still Profitable in 2023?

Yes, more than ever! With the rise of technology and its applications expanding in our everyday lives, we have come to expect convenience, making selling digital products profitable.

Remember to set up a suitable business model and take the necessary precautions. Create a clear plan and try to execute it flawlessly. Your plan must consist of strategies to maximize profits and include everything – from the design and development of your products to marketing and sales strategies.

What Kind of Digital Products Can You Sell on Amazon?

How to Sell Digital Products on Amazon? (2)

Other than the best-selling digital products we mentioned earlier in this article, you can sell digital products on Amazon, such as:

Software & Apps

If you have an idea for helpful software or a smartphone app – and the talent to develop it – you can generate a lot of passive income from selling it. In addition, the software can be sold by license and subscription, which can increase revenue even further.

Online Courses & Tutorials

Anyone who wants to learn something these days starts with a search on the Internet. Educational products are, therefore, trendy. Although the web is full of free tutorials, many people pay good money for high-quality courses, whether in book or video form.

Stock Media

Editors need images, podcasters need jingles, and filmmakers need sound effects. There are many media products that media creators can’t or don’t want to make themselves and would instead buy online. You can start with these digital assets’ production and sell them to earn good money.


Whether for presentations, e-mails, or website construction kits, templates do a lot of the formatting and design work for you. If you can create good templates and make them available to others online, you will have a good source of income.

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How to Sell Digital Products on Amazon?

Selling digital content on Amazon is pretty straightforward – here’s how you can do it:

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Step 1. Do Some Research to Find Out What’s Selling

The best way to start selling digital products on Amazon is to find out what’s working currently and try to emulate and improve upon those concepts. You can do a manual search on Amazon for the subject or type of content you want to create or use a specific tool to see how well each product sells.

You can also check out the top-performing listings, read their reviews to find out how they can be improved, and try to create improved or similar content.

Step 2. Create Your Content

Next, you must use the information you gathered to create your content. Try to create the perfect version of your product. This will be called the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Make sure it gets out there so many people can view and comment on it. Then, use the insights to improve your product consistently.

Step 3.List Your Products and Start Selling!

Suppose this is the first time you want to sell digital products on Amazon. In that case, you must create a seller account and choose between Individual and Professional plans. To sell digital books, you must sign up for a KDP account.

How to Sell Digital Products on Amazon? (3)

After signing up, follow the steps below to list your product:

  1. Submit your content for the corresponding program for approval.
  2. After getting Amazon’s approval, list your product.
  3. Use Amazon PPC ads – and other marketing methods – to promote and advertise your product.

Amazon Digital Services Charges

As mentioned before, Amazon Digital Services are subscription-based, which means you must pay a fee to enjoy these services. Here are the Amazon Digital Services charges:

  • Kindle Unlimited: 30-day free trial, $9.99 per month
  • Amazon Prime Video: 30-day free trial (6 months for students)
    ✔ $119 per year ($59 for students)
    ✔ $12.99 per month ($6.49 for students)
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: 30-day free trial
    ✔ Single-Device Plan: $3.99 – $4.99 per month
    ✔ Individual Plan: $7.99 – $8.99 per month
    ✔ For non-Amazon Prime members: $9.99 per month
  • Amazon Audible: 30-day free trial
    ✔ Audible Plus: $7.95 per month
    ✔ Audible Premium Plus: $14.95 per month
  • Amazon Drive: 5 GB free storage
    ✔ 100 GB: $1.99/month or $19.99/year
    ✔ 1 TB: $6.99/month or $59.99/year
    ✔ 2 TB: $11.99/month or $119.98/year
  • Amazon Kids+: 30-day free trial
    ✔ Monthly Single Child Plan: $2.99 for prime customers, $4.99 for non-prime customers
    ✔ Monthly Family Plan: $6.99 for prime customers, $9.99 for non-prime customers
    ✔ 1-Year Family Plan: $69 for prime customers, $99 for non-prime customers

Final Thoughts

Compared to physical products, people who sell digital products on Amazon have a few advantages: overheads are low, margins are high, and you don’t have to worry about things like inventory. But the competition is even more significant, as the web is teeming with legal and illegal downloads, and determining the value of digital goods can be difficult.

If you know what you are selling, you should research the tax rules carefully and consult a tax advisor to be sure. Then all that remains is to get an invite from Amazon to join Amazon Merch and start selling!


How to Increase eBook Sales on Amazon?

By having an attractive book cover, writing a catchier book description, getting at least ten reader reviews, and tagging your book with related KDP keywords.

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Can You Sell PDF Books on Amazon?

Yes. You can sell books in DOC/DOCX, KPF, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, HTML, RTF, and TXT formats on Amazon.

Is It Possible to Sell Your Digital Courses on Amazon?

Amazon does not allow third-party sellers to offer online courses directly. Still, you can turn your online course into an eBook, video, audiobook, or physical product to sell on the platform.

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What is the average size of an eBook on Amazon?

The average size of a Kindle book can range from 2.7 MB to 4.5 MB. Kindle books usually consist of 300-500 pages; on average, each page is 9 kb in size.

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